NG Building services ltd was registered as a limited company in 2016 following over 15 years of growth as an established soul trader. Since establishing Richard Clarkson & Jack Brown have grown the company year after year offering extensive services to customers, clients and supply chains alike. Together, both directors and the army of family and hard working loyal installers are driven to offer our clients and customers a transparent services from walking through your door to completion we believe that the customer should always be informed, confident and able to ask any questions they may have. With offices based in Essex & Norfolk and our trusted army alike, we are able to provide a broad coverage for our customers. 


At Next Generation we are keen to ensure we are always supporting the 'Next Generation' No pun intended, that is why we have committed to enrol a new apprentice every year in order to support our younger generation. We will admit that it has been difficult in recent years, But now more than ever, we remain committed. 



Transparent Quotations 

Customers are spending their hard earned money on a service they 9 times out of 10 cannot do without!

Therefor we believe that such an act should be met with transparency and honesty. That is why we vow to give an clear detailed quotation showing you exactly where your money is going. 

Qualified, Insured and accountable

Our Army of; Electricians, Testers, Plumbers, Gas & Heating engineers, Bricklayers, Roofers, Plasterers, Ground workers, Structual installers, tilers are both qualified through years of experience and ongoing technical courses aswell as health and safety courses. Next Generation pride ourselves on being completly accountable. 

Delivered on time 

We now live in a day and age where we can have anything from across the world near instantly...


At Next Generation we believe that in order to stay relevant you need to stay with the times. That is why we pride ourselved on delivering our project on time! Through well experienced project managment and clear communication, We thrive on completing your project proactivly and to the agreed deadlines! 


Through our last 23 years concurrent in the industry, and approaching our 8th year of being established we are happy to say that we have a proven track record in the industry. Wheather its our ever growing turnover in the last 8 years or our extensive client testimonials we are confident we can provide the peace of mind our clients need, by offering our financial and installation credentials for all to see. 


We pride ourselves on being a reliable contractor, Whether its punctuality or job completion we offer unpresidented trust to our clients and customers alike.

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