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Transparent Quotations 

Customers are spending their hard earned money on a service they 9 times out of 10 cannot do without!

Therefor we believe that such an act should be met with transparency and honesty. That is why we vow to give an clear detailed quotation showing you exactly where your money is going. 

Qualified, Insured and accountable

Our Army of; Electricians, Testers, Plumbers, Gas & Heating engineers, Bricklayers, Roofers, Plasterers, Ground workers, Structual installers, tilers are both qualified through years of experience and ongoing technical courses aswell as health and safety courses. Next Generation pride ourselves on being completly accountable. 

Delivered on time 

We now live in a day and age where we can have anything from across the world near instantly...


At Next Generation we believe that in order to stay relevant you need to stay with the times. That is why we pride ourselved on delivering our project on time! Through well experienced project managment and clear communication, We thrive on completing your project proactivly and to the agreed deadlines! 


Through our last 23 years concurrent in the industry, and approaching our 8th year of being established we are happy to say that we have a proven track record in the industry. Wheather its our ever growing turnover in the last 8 years or our extensive client testimonials we are confident we can provide the peace of mind our clients need, by offering our financial and installation credentials for all to see. 


We pride ourselves on being a reliable contractor, Whether its punctuality or job completion we offer unpresidented trust to our clients and customers alike.

Take a look at some of our recent projects

 July 23, Essex - Value £5k Demolition, Asbestos removal, Fencing

Client got in touch and requested a site visit to investigate a large crack above the garage opening. Upon investigation we could be that there was subsidance issues, Furthure discussions with the client led to us taking down the dangerous garage as it was more cost effective for the client. We was able to carryout the demolition, Asbestos removal, Waste removal and new perimeter fence install. Needless to say, the customer was happy with the results. 

February 23, Essex - Value £90k Domestic loft extension

Next Generation was tasked with this perfect additon to the property in a short time scale. The client was exspecting a new addtion to their family and was keen to get building works underway and most importantly complete in time! So together we sat down and discussed there vison and went about getting the relevant drawings and permissions in place to commence works. Our Army of skilled operatives delivered this project in record time and with complete customer satisfaction! We hope they are happy with both new additions. 

Norwich - Value £185k Care home plant room

Next Generation Carried out the Electrical design, fabrication and installation of the controls and assosiated electrical items for one of our long term clients, CDP. Together we was able to provide the client, a major regeneration contractor with a full plant room upgrade without any downtime to the end user. Facing this challenge, we knew we couldnt let anyone down. Carried out in the middle of winter we had to ensure the elderly vulnerable users was never without hot water or heating. Thankfully due to planning, managment and co-ordination we was able to complete the installation without any issues. 

Woodford (London) - Value £17k Consumer unit upgrade

Next Generation Carried out upgrade works to these consumer units at a school in woodford. As you can see, the previous consumer unit was somewhat lacking in todays safety, so following a recent EICR and remedial recommendations, the client requested we carryout the upgrades. Following some final decorations you would've never known, and now they have peace of mind that the children now have additional protection. 

Woolwich - Value £165k RGB Council office upgrades

Next Generation carried out a full office upgrade for one of their new clients Royal borough of greenwich. We was asked to carryout a full design proposal as well as assosiated costing which we successfully done. We was then tasked with the complete electrical strip out of the existing plant room, This was made especially challenging as the central CCTV hub was fed from this room. So we have to carryout appropriate toolbox talks with our operatives and meticulously work our way through years of old cabling leaving the vital circuits in place. 

Essex - Value £50k Garden Office

During the covid lockdown, as many people was forced to work from home. Next Generation decided to provide Garden room design and builds. This client contacted us requesting a garden office to run his IT company from. We was able to provide him with a design and a quotation, and as you can see the end result. 

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